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Happy Birthday to Me - Allie [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Happy Birthday to Me [Jul. 28th, 2006|03:30 pm]
[mood |gigglygiggly]
[music |Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay?]

Good things about birthdays:
- ice cream cake (coming on sunday when the family celebrates both mine and Aunt Nicky's bdays, but I did get free yummmy chocolate mousse cake at lunch)
- cash from grandparents (wow, I really love my Grandma Sandy)
- thinking of all the pretty things I can buy with said cash (part towards SPN dvds, maybe also Newsies since I don't own it)
- going shopping with Grandma Sandy and having her buy me stuff even though she just gave me a lot of cash and big yummy bday lunch (now have really cool new throw pillow from World Market. I love that store. I would walk in just to smell it and look around, knowing I won't buy anything. hey, maybe it still...*sniff**sniff* yep! You are my new favorite pillow that smells like the World Market *glomp*)
- Lance is gay! (not really a bday thing, just that I found out about it today, and it makes me laugh. Now I have that song stuck in my head, because as another five member boyband, it is close enough)

[User Picture]From: balefully
2006-08-01 02:22 am (UTC)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! :D! Don't forget to tell me what you want, schmoo...
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